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In accordance with our licence from the CLA, we have to charge publisher's rates for document delivery. The following list gives the publishers' prices per article (and occasionally per page). Where the price has CLA exc this indicates that we are unable to copy from this title. There is also a 6.95 charge per article for administration costs. UK faxes cost an additional 1.15 per page. Overseas faxes cost an additional 2.15 per page.

All prices are subject to change at short notice and the DocDel department should be contacted for the correct price at the time of ordering.

Orders can be placed:
By telephone on 01422 888019
By fax on 01422 888001
By email at docdel@sweetandmaxwell.co.uk

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Price list of all journals indexed in S&M/CLI publications



*Indicates a journal that has ceased publication; changed its name or we no longer subscribe.
+Indicates a new title added this month.
CLA excIndicates that articles from the journal are not able to be copied
(FJI)Indicates a journal indexed in Financial Journals Index and appearing in the FJI database
(LJI)Indicates a journal indexed in Legal Journals Index and appearing in the LJI database
(ELJI)Indicates a European published journal indexed in Legal Journals Index
(Irl)Indicates an Irish published journal indexed in Legal Journals Index
(CCC)Indicates a journal indexed only in Current Law Monthly Digest

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title abbrev cov price
Yearbook of Copyright & Media Law (LJI)* Y.C. & M.L. 1999, 4 - 2001/02, 6 6.00pa
Yearbook of European Law (LJI)* Y.E.L. 1985, 5 - 2003, 22 2.00pa
Youth Justice (LJI) Y.J. 2001, 1(1) 14.50pa
Yearbook of Law Computers & Technology (LJI) (Now I.Y.L.C.T.)* Y.L.C.T. 1986, 2 - 1991, 5 0.50pp
Yearbook of Media & Entertainment Law (LJI) (Now Y.C. & M.L.)* Y.M.E.L. 1995, 1 - 1997/98, 3 6.00pa
Young Solicitors Group Magazine (LJI)* YSG Mag. 2003, 18(Jan) - 2005 32 (May/Jun 5.00pa
Yearbook of International Environmental Law (LJI)* Yb. Int'l Env. L. 1991, 2 - 2002, 13 6.00pa